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Black Seed Bagels - Hand Rolled, Wood Fired Bagels

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Black Seed was conceived by two friends from two cities. United by a love of traditional bagel baking and artisanal ingredients, the pair sought to combine the best of their native Montreal and New York styles, and create a bagel that is truly unique and delicious.

Rolled by Hand

Our baking methods are steeped in time-honored tradition. We roll our bagels by hand for a precise, meticulous shape, then we boil them in honey water for a touch of added sweetness.

Baked With Wood

We bake each batch of bagels in a wood-fired oven just long enough to achieve perfection in crispness, density, and deliciousness. When the bagels are lightly browned, beautiful, and ready to be removed, they are tossed into a marble chute for cooling using hand-carved walnut peels.


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